Tư Vấn Thương Hiệu

  • Brand Consulting
    Building brand must base on take customer insight to design, position, combine strategy, promote and evaluate brand. You define how to customer aware actively and maintain brand loyal for long term.
  • Brand identity design
    As a consultancy we always begin our work with clients with a strategic perspective. We ask "what are you trying to achieve?" rather than "would you like a new logo?"
  • Brand strategy
    Once your brand context has been framed by our research and insight activity, the Brand Key  team have extensive expertise in then building the components of a brand strategy
  • Research and insight
    Successful brands are created when insightful thinking and creativity are married to a robust understanding both of the organisation and its audiences.
  • Brand Architecture and Portfolio Consulting
    Establishing an effective brand and product portfolio begins with an understanding of the company’s overall business objectives and strategies.
  • Brand Positioning Consulting
    Strong, defensible brand positioning can help define and align the brand strategy with communication activities to maximize value.
  • Internal Brand Consulting
    Company’s brand is influenced  by the actions and behavior of  employees, as well as by your communications.
  • Tracking and evaluating brand health
    Brand “health” tracking and evaluation assist the clients to gauge the efficiency of new brand launches as well competitive strengths for the already existing brands in relation to brand awareness, brand attitude and consumers’ activities with respect to studied products or services. A thorough system of benchmarks and indicators allows the clients to uncover target audience interaction problem areas as well as possible solutions. It helps to identify problems related to poor brand awareness build upon secondary criteria largely irrelevant for the consumer, as well as problems with weak product/service trial, low loyalty levels, brand cannibalization, increased switching to competitive…
  • Brand Training
    To keep your company consistent and cohesive, you need to make sure all employees have a clear understanding of your brand. Provide your employees valuable information that they will appreciate learning, and reward them for incorporating those ideas in their everyday tasks.
  • Brand Communications Consulting